Accessibility Help

Accessibility may be the expression utilized to summarize whether a product or service (for instance, an internet site ., cell phone site, digital TV SET user interface as well as application) can be used simply by folks off expertise and also disabilities.


For instance, an internet site . is obtainable in the event everyone, which include impaired and also elderly people, are able to use that. At the 4COSMETOLOGY, all of us goal to make sure that our products are usually beneficial and also amusing to use and also being available – this really is termed user friendliness.


Using a website, ease of access is dependent upon what sort of person’s impairment impacts how they experience information on a website and also how they find the way inside and also between websites. Elements that impact ease of access consist of:


For those who can’t see very well: the actual shades as well as the comparison between shades; how big text; the options of fonts

For those who are usually impaired: what sort of screenreader interprets sun and rain on the web site (for instance, alt tags for images, and also identify tags for links); the actual inclusion of audio tracks description for online video written content

For those who can’t find out very well: just how any kind of audio tracks written content is actually symbolized graphically (for instance, which include subtitles as well as putting your signature on on online video content)

For those who look for a computer keyboard as well as mouse button difficult to use: the actual simplicity together with which usually another person could find the way for you to elements of the actual web site (for instance, simply by tabbing); auto-completion of sorts

For those who discover words difficult: the length of essay sentences and also paragraphs; the actual intricacy from the language; the options of fonts and also measurement of text; the actual availability of transliteration checkers and also expression conjecture; the means to have text understand out loud

From 4COSMETOLOGY, our own ease of access policy takes into account these kinds of components whenever we can. We all guarantee best process for producing website pages by way of our own ease of access requirements and also rules.