About us

I’m Sophie coming from Manchester, UK. We think about personally really fortuitous since i have has been increased in a fortunate family members. The parents were being really knowledgeable in addition to burdened a whole lot upon achieving beneficial degrees given that a young age. We started to be a great aeronautical manufacture a year ago alhamdulillah in addition to are at this point earning a living for a really prestigous Europeans Enterprise inside Manchester.

Lots of years previously We has been unveiled to help Islam. Very well We have generally acquired Muslims good friends given that a young age, even so didn’t imagine much of Islam until finally very not too long ago. The sole images I needed of Islam has been which it has been back in addition to didn’t suggest the treatment of women of all ages nicely. All this modified as i began looking at regarding it at length around my early university several years. The greater We learned about this, the greater We has been fascinated by this. Most the unfavorable assumptions in addition to comprehending regarding Islam rapidly proceeded to go aside as i realized that it is a good looking religion which doesn’t just inspire people to deal with each and every person in addition to lady about this entire world together with admiration yet perhaps your creatures in addition to non-living things like bushes in addition to remaining portion of the environment. Islam is truly a incredibly ‘Green’ religion even though the majority of people do not know about this! For example Prophet Muhammad (saw) especially informed Muslim Generals never to harm just about any women of all ages, young children, aged person and even youthful exactly who didn’t need to struggle through the struggle yet the thing that was remarkable for me has been that they (saw) in addition especially mentioned never to flashlight just about any parks or maybe home gardens inside the foe territory!

We rapidly realized Islam has been your standard of living for me in addition to We required the Shahada around my last yr on the university. We rapidly and then found your valor to help use Hijab. This will not be simple, We sometimes receive really angry stares coming from my own folks, considering I’m whitened in addition to my loved ones features lived inside The uk since way back when, it is surprising in which merely a sheet of textile upon another person’s mind will make another person think against the law in addition to outcast inside the sight of others. At any rate I’ll be writing a blog a whole lot regarding gaming in addition to Islam in addition to epsecially Hijab.

Thus Stay tuned for more!!